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5 Sites for Photoshop Tutorials

Although they rarely cover topics directly relevant to scientists, tutorial sites are a great way to learn the various features of Photoshop. Even though you think a particular tutorial may have no relevance to you, you never know when a technique or tool might come in useful. If you look for the short tutorials that only take a few minutes you can quickly learn new skills that you may later find a use for. And if not, then they are just good fun!

Photoshop 101

I used this site a lot when learning Photoshop and I still dip in every now and again. It has a lot of nice, quick tutorials so you can do one if you just have a spare 5 minutes to fill in. I especially like the ones in the Special Effects category such as this Artistic Abstract Shape as they get me playing with parts of Photoshop that I wouldn’t otherwise think to try.

Adobe Exchange

Among all the brush, shape and action downloads (which are another whole topic) there are some lovely tutorials on the official Adobe site.

Good Tutorials

I admit I haven’t been on this site for a while but I used to use it regularly. Looks like it still lives up to its name!

Photoshop Cafe

This site has a nice selection of good looking tutorials. I especially like this one: Colin’s 10 Principles for Better Type Design – lots of very sound typographic principles to apply to your posters and presentations.

Smashing Magazine

While there is plenty to learn about Photoshop from Smashing Magazine, I want to particularly draw your attention to this post compiling some of the best tutorials to be found on the web. So many interesting things here – I think I could get lost for hours!

Of course, there are plenty more Photoshop tutorial sites out there – search Google and see what you find. Next time I’ll give you an example of how following a random tutorial about using paintbrushes led to me solving a question that had bugged me and my colleagues for years!

So now it’s over to you. Your challenge for the weekend is to follow a tutorial or two  and let me know how you get on. Let me know which ones you like and find useful.


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